We all remember the times during COVID, when we were all cooped up in our homes, not able to get out for weeks, and for some people months.  At that time we all had some time to think and ponder about where our life was, where were going, and what was important in our lives.  

Ironically it was a time of many shortages, food, staples, and strangely enough, toilet paper seemed to fly off the shelves, leaving the rest of us to ponder what to do with a vital part of our daily life.  So we did what everyone did, and started looking around the internet for solutions.  This is where we came across a bidet.  Using water to clean the under carriage instead of paper.  We used to live in Italy, so bidets were quote common there, but a different kind.  It was more like a second toilet with different plumbing operations.  In fact we used it as a fish bowl instead.  

Fast forward 20 years or so, and other bidets started popping up, which is where we ran across the handheld kind - where you can install in 5 minutes, and even take it with you while you travel.  Just uninstall it, put it in the same box, and you are ready to go.

We were pretty excited after using by realizing that it is so much more cleaner and softer than the normal way of cleaning.

We did our best to create this bidet sprayer with the best of materials.  We are so confident, that we provide a lifetime guarantee, if you follow the installation instructions correctly.  

We hope you will feel cleaner and fresher by using this bidet for today and many years ahead.