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A t-valve, also known as a tee valve or a three-way valve, is a type of valve used in plumbing to regulate the flow of water. In the context of a bidet, a t-valve is used to control the flow of water to the bidet's spray nozzle.

Specifically, the t-valve is installed between the water supply line and the bidet's water inlet. It has three ports: one for the water supply line, one for the bidet's water inlet, and one for a hose or pipe that leads to the bidet's sprayer's nozzle. By turning the valve's handle, the user can adjust the amount of water flowing to the bidet's nozzle and control the direction and intensity of the spray.

The t-valve is an important component of a bidet as it allows the user to customize their cleaning experience, and it also helps to conserve water by allowing the user to control the amount of water used.

It is also a critical to turn the T-valve off in off position after every use, so that the hose is not exposed to constant water pressure from the house, which could end up causing significant damage to your home, so please use it often!

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